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Pennsylvania Collaborative Family Law

Using the Collaborative Process to Resolve the Issues of Divorce


Elizabeth Bennett is one of the first law offices to use the collaborative divorce process in the state of Pennsylvania. I embraced the collaborative process because I care about empowering our clients to find successful resolution to the issues of divorce, and because it provides a number of advantages for our clients.


Unlike mediation, the collaborative law process provides built-in protection. Clients are present with their attorneys as issues are negotiated and resolved. Also unlike mediation, each member of the couple has his or her own lawyer so any power difference between the two parties is minimized.


Unlike the family courts, where "separate" issues are resolved in separate settings, the collaborative approach allows you to address all issues in one place so you can develop a comprehensive solution. For instance, collaborative divorce is ideal for families with children because it allows child custody, child support, and property division issues to be considered at the same time.


The collaborative process makes children the primary focus. Child psychologists, therapists, and counselors can be utilized by the parents to provide their expertise and guidance. The collaborative approach offers a forum where you can custom design agreements that address your children's specific needs in an internally developed but informed and caring way


Child custody experts aren't the only outside professionals we can incorporate into the collaborative divorce process. I regularly work with neutral financial professionals to review or appraise the marital assets and provide a valuation of complex assets, such as businesses real estate and stock options. And because the cost of appraising marital assets is shared, the couple usually spends less than they would taking a property division case to court.


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If you would like to explore collaborative law, contact the Wayne or center city law office of Elizabeth Bennett. I am a member of the Collaborative Family Law Affiliates.


I conveniently represent clients in the Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties, the towns of Wayne, Radnor, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Paoli, Devon, Berwyn, Newtown Square, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Lower Merion, Media, Wallingford, and Swarthmore, and throughout Pennsylvania.


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