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We belong to two comprehensive networks of  personable legal professionals.

Lower Fees

Partnership with client

We need your help to keep your legal fees down. The more information and input you can give us, the better. We ask our clients to provide primary documentation relating to all the assets, income and debts. We will ask you to review support calculations and equitable distribution schedules. We will need you to be focused and attentive to those issues so that our work can be as accurate and accountable to your needs as possible. We will assist you in budgeting for your new life plan.

Variable Rates

This office has different billing rates for everyone who works here and, as a result, we can allocate delivery of services from this office to the individuals whose work can be billed at the most cost effective rate for you. Our billing rates are higher than those of psychologists. Thus, you will help yourself by ventilating and discussing relevant non-financial issues with your therapist, if you have one. If your therapist is giving you different advice than we are, it is useful to release us to speak with each other, so you have the security of harmonized advice.

Billing Practices

We ask for a refundable retainer and ask for monthly payments, if and when the retainer is exhausted. Our monthly bills are detailed and we welcome your questions and comments about time spent. You will be asked to sign a retainer letter in a standard form used by this office. We do not commence work until we have received a retainer. The retainer is determined individually for each client and may vary from $1,000.00 for a simple, no fault divorce to $10,000.00 for the most complicated case.

Keeping Divorce Costs Down

At Bennett & Associates, we understand that you want to keep your costs down and we know that a contentious marital split can be a recipe for economic disaster. So how can you be realistic, get what you need, and not let your emotions ruin you financially? Well, first recognize a couple of things:

You don't want a cheap divorce that fails to meet your needs, but you do want to save money.

Divorce is the second most stressful lifetime event after the loss of a spouse or child. This is a time for careful decision making. Even if your friends are telling you to hire the meanest, nastiest "bulldog," you can get, think carefully about what you really want. Do you really want to fight it out at any cost? Litigation is ugly, increases your stress, and empties your wallet.

Transition takes time so don't expect anything to happen overnight and go easy on yourself. Take care of your health, get enough sleep, exercise, eat good foods, and do something nice for yourself everyday, if you can.

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Now, we encourage you to read these rules carefully and follow them. They will help you.

1. Make sure you have an attorney who has the right billing rate for you and understand your fee arrangement.

2. Review your legal bills regularly and make reasonable objections to inefficiencies. Keep up-to-date with your retainer.

3. Be organized - prepare, prepare, prepare for your attorney. Get all documents you think your attorney will need in advance. Copy them for your attorney. If you are computer savvy, prepare spreadsheets which show your assets with detailed information as to dates, account numbers, and your suggested distributions. Excel spreadsheets are available on our homepage for your completion prior to your first meeting with an attorney in our office

4. Talk with a therapist. Lawyers bill at higher rates and some costs for therapy can be reimbursed by insurance. There are lots of things you may want to tell your attorney that may be better addressed with a therapist. Therapists are better equipped to handle emotional issues.

5. Bundle your issues for your attorney and put them in an e-mail. Be efficient, precise, and purposeful in your communications. Daily calls cost money.

6. Be honest with your lawyer. If you are not ready to settle because of your feelings, tell that to your attorney. Do not use foot-dragging, bogus excuses, or combat - all of which will run up your fees - to stall the entry of the divorce decree. Just admit you can't handle being divorced yet. However, if it's a year or more since the divorce process started, forget your feelings and move on. You will waste money dragging your feet.


When times are tough many want a cheap divorce. Some may look for the least expensive lawyer or hope they can shortcut the process. For some this may work, for others they may get what they pay for. Always, it is important to partner with your lawyer. As a client, be conscious of your own actions as they relate to running up excess fees. A divorce settlement may be the single most important financial transaction of your life, so be a savvy consumer and be careful.

Feel free to call me to discuss how I can help you manage your family transition in a way that works for you. 610 254-9060 or 215-790-0100

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I conveniently represent clients in the Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties, the towns of Wayne, Radnor, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Paoli, Devon, Berwyn, Newtown Square, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Lower Merion, Media, Wallingford, and Swarthmore, and throughout Pennsylvania.


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