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Custody Modification and Enforcement in Pennsylvania

Custody agreements are always modifiable. Custody agreements and orders are designed to reflect the custody situation that is in the child's best interest; therefore, they are subject to change based upon changes of circumstance in parties' lives. I am happy to assist you in renegotiating an existing custody arrangement or petitioning the court for a modification of an existing custody order.

In my experience, I have found that courts are increasingly willing to vary from a traditional schedule (every other weekend and one dinner night per week) to awarding more equal time with each parent. In fact, the custody statute effective January 2011 contains a presumption of gender neutrality with regard to awarding time to either parent.

When one party willfully violates the terms of a custody order, it is considered contempt of a court order. Filing for contempt of a custody order provides a remedy to constant infractions of that order. Court remedies are also available in true emergency situations, such as one party leaving the jurisdiction with the child without the other party's consent. I can help you determine the best course of action should these situations arise.

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