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My Philosophy...


Litigation is expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining, and may not yield cost-effective results for either party. While in some cases litigation is necessary, in most cases alternatives to litigation are more equitable and productive.


It is my philosophy that when related issues, such as support, alimony, long-term financial planning, and equitable division, are resolved together, it allows the connection between these issues to be better recognized, addressed, and more easily resolved. When related matters are addressed separately, as if in a vacuum, as is the process in family courts, the parties feel frustrated. I want to set you up for success which requires addressing the specific facts of your life as it relates to your legal issues.


It is my goal to provide you with big firm experience in a comfortable atmosphere. At the end of your case, you will have a professionally drafted comprehensive, self-executing property settlement agreement permitting you to live conflict-free in the future from your spouse. I seek to provide you with the greatest degree of financial security possible including providing you with a long-term plan for your future, including retirement. I believe you deserve an after tax analysis of court ordered or negotiated support and you will need a budget. The Estate Department at Astor, Weiss, Kaplan & Mandel, LLP can provide you with a new Will and Powers of Attorney.


In families with children, documents which resolve all issues and foreclose future conflict will provide you with a neutral, structured space in which parents can focus their attention on their children's interests. In families without children, it permits parties to go their own separate ways, if they so choose. In either case, the goal is to tie up the loose ends and eliminate any residual potential conflict.


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I conveniently represent clients in the Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties, the towns of Wayne, Radnor, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Paoli, Devon, Berwyn, Newtown Square, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Lower Merion, Media, Wallingford, and Swarthmore, and throughout Pennsylvania.

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